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He has a great voice for the french repertoire.

Janine Reiss - Voice Coach


Nikolas Karagiaouris is a very promising artist who works hard and loves singing. This two characteristics will help him. go higher than his height!

Aris Garoufalis - Pianist


This young man is the new Wagnerian voice of Greece.

  Dame Gwyneth Jones - Dramatic Soprano


Nikolas Karagiaouris sung in ringing voice the part of Konstantis.

Alexis Spanidis - Art Critic


He is a promising baritone in bel canto. One of the most talented and dedicated baritones.

         Dimitra Theodossiou - Soprano

Nikolas Karagiaouris as the American diplomat Sharpless showed a real compassion as a hero who stands between the two lead characters trying to balance the condemed relationship and to soften the extreme pain of Butterfly. The artist had thought through the role: he sang with sensitivity, phonetic adequacy, tonal stability and he performed by aiming to the essence, while carefully and with characteristic expressive courtesy brought out the sensitive and human characteristics of Sharpless. Furthermore, the phrase structure and most importantly the dynamic differences (we heard beautiful piani), were meaningfully performed by Nikolas Karagiaouris.

Konstantinos P. Karampelas-Sgourdas - Art Critic

Nikolas Karagiaouris is the absolute baritone.

      Anna Vissi - Singer


A baritone who amazed us with his voice in Demons - Rock Opera.

              Kostas Chardavelas - Journalist


He has a great talent and a unique voice. The best ambassador of opera music in Greece.

                Rania Thraskia - Journalist


Nikolas Karagiaouris is impressive as the Inquisitor in Demons and stands out because of his deep voice.

                     Tasos Martatos - Journalist


           Nikolas Karagiaouris is a great artist.

                Nana Paletsaki - Journalist


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